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Start screening with the innovative AlphaID™ cheek swab

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AlphaID is a gentle cheek swab that takes only seconds to collect an appropriate sample.


AlphaID employs alpha-1 genetic testing using an FDA-cleared oral DNA-collection method.1


AlphaID screens for the 14 most prevalent mutations associated with alpha-1, including the S, Z, F, and I alleles, as well as rare and null alleles.2


AlphaID delivers reliable and accurate genotyping results.2


Patients may feel comfortable knowing that the screening method is similar to that of many at-home genetic testing kits.

Completely Free

AlphaID is provided with compliments of Grifols and may not be billed to patients or their insurers.


Results are shared only with the ordering clinician and designated office staff, because patients are first priority.


Start screening all of your COPD patients with AlphaID, the only cheek swab available that screens for genetic COPD due to alpha-1

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What is references

COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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