Start Screening Your COPD Patients With AlphaID

Get started with the AlphaID cheek swab

AlphaID combines a simple DNA sample collection method with a comprehensive genetic screening test for alpha1-antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency.¹,²

Order the free test --> Swab the cheek --> Return for results

AlphaID: an advanced, yet simple cheek swab for alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency

AlphaID uses an FDA-cleared, oral DNA-collection method to deliver reliable, confidential, and accurate genotyping results.¹

The noninvasive cheek swab screens for the 14 most prevalent mutations associated with AAT deficiency, including the S, Z, F, I, rare and null alleles.¹⁻³

The AlphaID kit contains everything you need to collect and submit a cheek swab sample for alpha-1 screening.

All AlphaID kits are provided by Grifols at no cost and may not be billed to patients or their insurers.

Example results report

Complete the diagnosis with AlphaID CONFIRM

AlphaID CONFIRM uses a simple fingerstick blood test to provide both an AAT serum level and confirmation of the patient's genotype.

Confirming an alpha-1 diagnosis is simple

The AlphaID CONFIRM blood test reports the alpha-1 genotype as well as the alpha1-antitrypsin level (normal is 90.0 to 200.0 mg/dL).

If the result of an AlphaID cheek swab is positive, test the patient with AlphaID CONFIRM to determine the AAT level and complete the diagnosis.

Example results report

Consumers can screen themselves with AlphaID at Home

AlphaID at Home allows patients to use AlphaID on their own to screen for alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency. Screening results are confidential and will be sent to the patient only—to be shared at their discretion. You can direct your patients to for more information and to order their free test kit.

Patients can order, test, and return the AlphaID kit from home

If your patient chooses to screen at home, the results will only be sent to the patient. Your patient may then bring the test results to their appointment. Be prepared to discuss the results with them. If the result of the AlphaID cheek swab is positive, screen the patient with AlphaID CONFIRM to determine AAT level and complete the diagnosis.

Example results report sent only to the patient

AlphaID Screening Tools: 3 ways to rule out alpha-1

Grifols offers a family of innovative AlphaID screening tools to provide options for healthcare providers and patients to test for alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency.

You can download and review the Grifols: Innovation in Alpha-1 Detection chart for an overview of each AlphaID test.

The receipt of these free testing services does not create any expectation or obligation to purchase or use any product or service offered by any manufacturer.

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